Lemont Kitchen & Bath


The Blog Is Back!

I’ve been thinking about renewing this blog for a while now. After all, it’s been a long time since I’ve done one. My plan is to have something interesting for you all on a nearly weekly basis. It might be about a particularly difficult project we’ve done, or possibly one where a unique design solution was used to solve a particular challenge. It might be about new technology and how it does or might, in the future, affect our personal lives at home.


I don’t claim to be an expert cook or anything approaching a chef, but I do love good food! I’ve worked on projects in all areas of the home, working on more kitchen projects than anything, so I’m comfortable in the kitchen. Therefore I’ll sometimes write about, and link to great recipes I’ve come across.  I’ll also introduce wines that I’ve tried and liked. Again, I’m not a professional Sommelier. I could never pass the testing it would require. I am however, an Oenophile. That’s a Greek term for someone who loves and appreciates wine. I had to look it up by the way. “Oenophile” was never in my vocabulary. Until now! Basically, if it has to do with food or drink, you might find it here.


You’ll find all sorts of information here, as long as I feel it is interesting enough that others might enjoy it, or my perspective on it. Of course, I’ll take the time to occasionally introduce you to what we do at Lemont Kitchen and Bath. I’ll attempt to show you some of the things that we feel set us apart from other firms and home centers, etc.


So look back from time to time. Come see what’s new on this blog. I promise I’ll try NOT to bore you too badly!