Lemont Kitchen & Bath


The Journey Is The Dream

I’m surrounded by girl’s playing volleyball. On literally hundreds of courts, thousands of teams from all over the country, and even a few international teams, have competed here in Orlando, Florida at the AAU National Championships. It’s the last day of competition and of a very long season. At this point, most teams are playing for pride only. Yet smiles are everywhere. Cheers rise up from every direction. There’s tears too. Teams with high expectations have been taken down by over achieving teams. Many teams come with little to no real chance of winning anything at all, yet they come anyway. They come because they’ve spent the better part of a year, bonding with teammates and making new friends. It’s the culmination of months of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, and they’re happy to have a few final days to play together as a team with hopes of achieving something amazing.


Regardless of the outcomes for these teams, they've already achieved something amazing. They’ve made memories that they’ll remember their entire lives. They’ve learned lessons they don’t even realize yet. Lessons that come only from working, playing, winning, and losing together. From commiserating through long months of practice, 3 to 4 nights a week for the last 6 months. Lessons that will rise up in them throughout their lives at various times when they least expect it. Good sportsmanship. Coming to the aid of a friend or stranger in need. Pushing themselves to do more, or go further, even though they’re exhausted and aren’t sure they can. They’ll draw on the inner fire kindled by teamwork and hard work. And in a few hours this season will be over. They’ll pack up their gear and go their separate ways. The cheers will die off and the convention center will fall silent and go dark. Until next season, when the journey and the dream begins anew.


I feel the dream comes FROM the journey. The journey IS the dream. If we push only for the final result without taking time to look around and enjoy the trip, we miss so much.This is true of any endeavor. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right, but you have to enjoy the journey. This is true of course with remodeling as well. I love what I do. I enjoy taking our clients on that journey to realize their dream. I try to encourage them to enjoy the trip and be proactive in the design process. That can be difficult I know. Allowing people into your home so that they can literally tear down walls, etc. can be scary. It’s your home of course, and there are memories there that you want to protect. Allow yourself the time to enjoy it and watch the dream grow. From the first lines on paper to the final results, there are memories and lessons to be had. Relish in it, and you’ll love your finished home even more.


It’ll be sad when I leave here today, knowing that it’s over for now. But these teams of girls have taught me some lessons also. The games they’ve played, and positive energy, even after a loss, can be very addictive. So I look forward to next season. I also look forward to the next project where I can hopefully help my clients begin their own journey toward their dreams!